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February 20, 2014
by prepheron

Getting along like Gabby Get-along.

We have been investigating s, m and a in our classrooms AND we have been showing how we work together by listening to each other, taking turns, sharing ideas, helping out and using friendly, caring voices. Gabby Get-along shows that she cares for others and we have had lots of interesting ‘investigations’ fun while being just like Gabby.

YCDI gabby

Slinky apples, apple skins, ants, spiders and magnets are all being investigated. We have co-operated, counted, measured, read, sketched, reported, painted/printed and made magnets move AND all while we behaved just like Gabby Get-along with great team work!

CIMG3036 CIMG3022 CIMG3035 CIMG3039 CIMG3029 CIMG3031 CIMG3032 CIMG3023 CIMG3042 CIMG3025 CIMG3033


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