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February 27, 2014
by prepheron
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Budding Scientists

We are beginning to learn to be like a scientist. We wondered what would happen to our apple slices if we left them for the whole week. We had a few guesses/predictions. Maybe they would change in colour? Maybe they would change in shape and size. Maybe they would go rubbery or dry or mouldy.  Maybe they would stay the same. Maybe the ants would eat them.

So now we are going to ‘observe’ what happens.

We are tracing around our apples to show how big the slices are now. Stay tuned and look later to see if they have changed in size. We needed a bitof team work as well because tracing can be tricky with slippery apple slices.

CIMG3052 CIMG3053 CIMG3054 CIMG3056 CIMG3057 CIMG3058 - Copy CIMG3059 - Copy CIMG3061 - Copy

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