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Reading, reading, reading.


One of the sessions we have in our prep reading is called Reading To Self. We each have our own box of books. Some of the books we have created ourselves and others are from the classroom and the library. Sometimes we read the pictures, sometimes we read the words and sometimes we retell the story. It ‘sounds’ like a quiet murmur as we all read our books to ourselves. It ‘looks’ like settled, spacious, comfortable and independent readers. It ‘feels’ comfy, enjoyable, challenging and proud.

Enjoy looking  at some of our preps enjoying their ‘Reading to Self’ time today.

CIMG3094 CIMG3095 CIMG3096 CIMG3097 CIMG3098 CIMG3099


  1. What a great start Prep H is making with their reading, keep up the great work 🙂
    Looking forward to continuing this with home readers next week!

  2. What a wonderful idea. The children reading to themselves.
    This advance in education allows each child to be successful, a successful reader among friends.
    Thank you.

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