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March 12, 2014
by prepheron

Collections of 3, the same but different.

Here was our challenge.

Create a group of three objects that are the same but are also different. To present our collections we had to state what attribute was the same in our collection and what attribute was different.

Look at some of the discoveries! Clever thinking and amazing minds.

3 books, all squares, different sizes.

3 objects- duster, book and sticky notes, all squares but different sizes.

3 objects- bin , number flip chart and magnetic letter, all the same colour, yellow but different shapes.

IMGP1544 IMGP1537 IMGP1536

What can you see here that’s the same about each of the 3 objects and what is different?

IMGP1533 IMGP1538 IMGP1539  IMGP1542 IMGP1545

3 books, all about animals and the same shape but different sizes.


Can you make your own collections of 3 with the same attribute and different attributes as well? Have fun.

March 12, 2014
by prepheron

Maths fun in our prep classes

This week our Maths fun started with ordering our class by height in preparation for our school class photo with the special photographer. (After that session we now think that we could all be awesome ‘models’ for magazines.) We had to work out strategies to check who was taller and who was shorter. We were going to lie on the floor and measure each prep but then we realised that the photographer would be packed up and off home before we finished and ready for the photo shoot. Xavier came up with idea of standing back-to-back to compare our heights and Charlotte suggested laying the big metre stick across the top of our heads if we were having trouble deciding who was the tallest. Using those 2 strategies we quickly ordered ourselves and……

here we are lined up in order from shortest to tallest and ready to show the photographer our happy faces.IMGP1527

We then had lots of fun matching values to 6. We had to work in teams with good teamwork, listening to each other and sharing our ideas (and sharing the cards too).

CIMG3134 CIMG3133 CIMG3135 CIMG3131 CIMG3136 CIMG3130

It took some of us longer than others to work out a strategy to sort the cards but we all got there in the end. The fast groups shared what they did to help each other in their group so now we have all learnt a few more tips for great group work.  Listening, sharing and taking turns seem to be helpful tips.

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