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March 15, 2014
by prepmills

Floating and sinking


We chose lots of different objects in our classroom to find out if they would float or sink when we placed them in water.

DSC01032  DSC01033

DSC01037  DSC01039

We found that most objects floated. Only 5 objects sank to the bottom of the water tray. All the light objects floated and the heavy objects sank. Most of the light objects were made of plastic and the heavy objects were made of metal.

Then with a partner we had to try and make a boat out of tin foil that would float. It was tricky because we had to make sure the boat had sides on it that were high enough to keep the water out. Our persistence paid off and the teddies had fun riding in their floating foil boat!!

DSC01042  DSC01049


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