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March 20, 2014
by prepheron

Investigating with team work.

For our investigations this week we have been focusing on team work. We’re showing how well we can work together to help each other so that everyone can do their best, learn more and enjoy learning and creating in the company of others. Luca was impressed with how well Lenny,  Xavier and Jack  shared the textas and gave each other good advice about the footy team colours, players and jumper numbers for the footy cards they were creating together.

Brody was impressed with Indigo’s help by sharing her ideas for mixing colours and Indigo was impressed with Seamus helping her and Charlotte to make green. Seamus was impressed with Blake and Charlotte sharing the science equipment and taking turns with the colours.

Henry was greatful to Blake for helping him to create name rubbings over sandpaper and Aarav enjoyed taking turns and sharing with Xavier when playing the card game.

Mrs Heron was really impressed with the team work everyone showed during pack-up / tidy-up time too.


Have a look at our co-operative team as they investigate things to do with the sound /c/. There’s car colour sorting, playing card games together, footy card making, colourful chameleon creating, cellophane colour collages, rainbow colours, colour wheels and colour mixing with dyes and cellophane.

CIMG3189 - Copy CIMG3192 - Copy CIMG3193rainbow colours  - Copy CIMG3204 - Copy CIMG3194a colour wheel from cellophane - Copy CIMG3196 - Copy CIMG3197 - Copy CIMG3203 - Copy CIMG3205 - Copy CIMG3206 - Copy CIMG3207 - Copy CIMG3208 - Copy CIMG3209 - CopyCIMG3210 CIMG3211 CIMG3212

March 20, 2014
by prepheron

Colourful flowers.

We are learning about the sounds /f/ and /c/ and we have been like scienctists by wondering, by having a clever guess,  by exerimenting, by observing and by then recording what happened.

We wondered what would happen to our white flowers if we put them into coloured water. Some of our predictions were that they would die, or the petals might change colour, the leaves might change colour or maybe they might just stay the same. We watched them for a whole week and took photos to show what happened. Have a look for yourself.

We kept one flower in ordinary water, put one flower into blue water and one into red water.

 1 ab 2 afternoonThis is how they looked in the afternoon.2b then next morning3 CIMG31804 By the next morning the petals had started to change to the same colour as their water and by the end of the week even the leaves had started to change colour. We did notice a ‘not very pleasant’ smell around the flowers at the end of the week. Maybe we need to experimet to find out why?

We then wondered what would happen if we put half of the flower stem into red and the other half into blue, so we split the stem very carefully and began the experiment. We thought that maybe the flower would change to purple, maybe it might just die or maybe the blue would take over. We had to wait and see.

Look at what happened! 5 Our next experiment could be to see what happens if we switch over the water tubs for this flower. We thought that maybe the red and blue colours might mix together in the petals.

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