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Fun with leaves.


Using some of the leaves that have begun falling in autumn and lots of leaves from our wonderful plants at home, we have had lots of fun exploring and creating. We measured and compared and we used them to create patterns and pictures then we finished up with ‘Green Man’ faces which we labelled, just like the “My Face” book which  we had read together.

CIMG3276 - Copy CIMG3280 - Copy CIMG3282 CIMG3283 CIMG3284 CIMG3285 CIMG3286 CIMG3297 CIMG3308 IMGP1592


  1. Looks like lots of leafy fun everyone! Prep H’s classroom looks more like a jungle or a forest. I love the big green faces. 🙂

  2. Wow, that looks like fun! In Cairns, where I live, we play with palm tree fronds, because we don’t have those types of leaves. Keep up the great work Prep H! Love Luca’s Aunty April and cousin Thomas in Cairns. xxxx

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