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Getting grubby in the garden.


Part of our fun when learning about the letter g and its /g/ sound has involved getting into our garden. We certainly got grubby and had lots of fun planting our seedlings. We even planted a gardenia bush. The ground was quite dry and hard so we had to use big muscles and lots of perseverence to get the holes deep enough and we gave the ground a big drink of water before we planted each plant. We were careful not to damage the roots or the leaves of the plants so that they can still get their sunshine through the leaves and their water and nourishment from the soil. We also know that if it doesn’t rain enough we will have to water the plants each day. We have a special watering can that makes the water look just like raindrops or a shower.CIMG3364 CIMG3366 CIMG3367 CIMG3369 CIMG3371 CIMG3373 Such concentration and care to carefully extract the plant from its pot!

CIMG3374Look at those grubby hands!

CIMG3377 Do we look proud or what!!! Now to see how our garden fares over the autumn season.

After our successful gardening session we put our landscaping skills to work in the the sand pit – just for a bit more fun. I happened to notice that Charlotte and Indigo even included a working waterfall in their sandpit garden. What a shame I missed the photo of it! You will just have to use your imagination.CIMG3378 CIMG3379 CIMG3380


  1. I hope you get lots of rain Prep H for your garden, or you will be very busy every day watering your beautiful plants. I can’t wait to see them grow! Lots of love Luca’s Aunty April in Cairns.

  2. Yes, I’m sure there will be bucket loads of rain over the next few months to water Prep H’s new garden. Great work everyone, looking forward to watching your garden grow 🙂

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