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Houses for teddy

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The teddies certaily had a wonderful time at school with us this week. We read stories to them, counted collections with them, taught them how to write some of our golden words and of course we snuggled and played with them too.

After comparing our teddy length to other objects in our classroom we then carefully measured our teddies using cubes so that we could select a ‘good fit’ box to build a house for each teddy.  The stick of cubes helped us to measure and choose the box that teddy was sure to fit in. We had a fun time with our teddies and helped each other with good ideas for our teddy-house constructions too.CIMG5780 CIMG5790 CIMG5791 CIMG5792 CIMG5794 CIMG5797 - Copy CIMG5798 - Copy CIMG5799 - Copy CIMG5822 CIMG5823 CIMG5824 CIMG5825 CIMG5826 CIMG5827 CIMG5828 CIMG5829

IMGP1630The teddies of Prep H.


One Comment

  1. Great measuring Prep H, it looks as though you found the perfect sized houses for your teddies. Your teddies look like they had great fun at school! 🙂

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