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Prep M was buzzing with excitement. During Investigations, we all had our own little bucket of warm water. We put a few drops of Detergent into the water and using a straw, we took a deep breath and blew into the water. BIG BEAUTIFUL BUBBLES quickly filled up our buckets and BUBBLES overflowed onto our tables!! There were BUBBLES everywhere!! Our faces and hands were covered in BUBBLES too !!!

DSC01290 DSC01273

DSC01272 DSC01276

DSC01277 DSC01278

DSC01282 DSC01285

DSC01286 DSC01284

DSC01289 DSC01297

DSC01313 DSC01306 DSC01310

DSC01308 DSC01301 DSC01293




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  1. Looks like fantastic fun! What gorgeous happy faces!

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