Little Ossies and Foundation Blog 2014

From Little Things Big Things Grow

June 12, 2014
by prepheron

Master Chef, look out!

These pirate pizza chefs have had a fun and tasty time. Tomorrow the ‘princesses’ are going to use the pirates’ recipes to create their own princess pizzas too.  If you haven’t guessed already, we are doing all things ‘p’ this week. We currently have a pirate crew-stew on the boil too, awaiting tasting tomorrow.  Guess what’s in it……pasta, peas, parsnip and potato, just to name a few of the ingredients. Stay tuned for the secret ingredient!!!

CIMG6173 - Copy - Copy - Copy CIMG6175 - Copy - Copy - Copy CIMG6176 - Copy - Copy - Copy CIMG6178 - Copy - Copy - Copy CIMG6179 - Copy - Copy - Copy CIMG6180 - Copy - Copy - Copy CIMG6182 - Copy CIMG6185 - Copy CIMG6186 - Copy CIMG6187 CIMG6188 CIMG6189


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