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A Chilly Fun Foggy Day in Prep


We have just had some wonderful chilly and foggy weather. The preps have been monitoring the weather and are becoming quite talented weather reporters. Today we enjoyed being chilly in the fog. Do you know that it was only 9 degrees at school this morning? It was lots and lots of fun.


Our Prep sandpit area usually looks quite different to this!

Maybe Eddy the Teddy might think that we are in the UK!


  1. Great photo!!

  2. You all look like penguins huddling together to try and keep warm! 🙂

  3. Eddy thinks that it looks a little like Southern Ireland yesterday where he and Miss Griffiths had to drive through the clouds! (Because they were so low down the mountains). But it isn’t Winter where Eddy is, it is Summertime – luckily Eddy isn’t cold.

  4. Yes, very foggy weather. It makes the drive to school very interesting too. 🙂

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