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We are well and truly back into the swing of school life again after our term holiday break and the Preps are having lots fun following areas of interest in their investigations sessions. These lovely ladies are creating dress designs for their classmates and dolls. Although they are still in the design stage, some paper pattern-making has already even begun and fabric is being carefully selected.


These young gentlemen have been researching dragons on their computers and are now copying the illustrations to create their own dragon puppets. Such artistic skill!  Do you think they will be able to tame their dragons? dragon 3 dragon 4dragondragons4

These focused, hard working lasses are busily working together to create books for their own little library in our classroom. Animal books are all the go at the moment!

photo 1

These two young lads have already created a collection of pet rocks and are now in the process of developing pictures and scenes for their own pet rock movie show.

photo 3

With help from the wonderful Simone, these green thumb preps are planting some ‘bush tucker’ plants in our Prep garden. Our garden bed was looking pretty good before but now it is fantastic.

photo 2garden

These gorgeous girls are enjoying putting their craft skills to work and combined with their interest in numbers, they’ve created number flowers and spotty bunnies. We counted one bunny’s dots and you won’t believe it, but he has 78 dots on him already!

photo 4 Stay tuned to see more fun and investigations in Prep.



  1. You all look very busy and hard at work. It looks like lots of fun. Well done, Prep H! 🙂

  2. Great work Preps! Lots of investigating and learning. 🙂

  3. I love the new plants!! You have been extremely busy and having lots of fun with investigations – great work prep H

  4. Looks interesting, love the investigators

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