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August 1, 2014
by prepheron
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Continued fun with investigations.

Some of our investigations activities require quite a lot of work. These two champions decided to find out which movies some of the preps went to see in the holdiay break. It was a big task which they stuck at, just like Pete Persistence and they certainly look proud of their efforts. First they had to gather their data, by listing the preps they wished to survey, asking them which movie they saw and then recording the data on thier lists. Next they set about presenting their data. They decided on a bar graph, using a piece of  coloured paper for each student. For each of the movies, they found pictures on the internet, printed them and began assembling thier graph. What a great effort!

Can you see which movie was the most popular? Can you work out how many preps they surveyed? Which movie would your name be added to?IMGP1782

Another group of preps decided to create their own weather station, just like Mrs Blackmore’s. This was a challenging task. They had terrific ideas for creating the rain gauge, wind speed spinner and wind direction finder. They needed team work to saw through the cardboard pipes to make them just the right size and they needed lots of hands working together to assemble it too. They are also very proud of their persistence and creative thinking for solving problems as they arose. This windy wieather today would surely get that spinner going round fast!


A couple of week ago some preps created word and number houses. This seemed like a great idea to use while we were looking at things which beign with the /w/ shound so a word wall full of words which begin with /w/ was created. We had to constuct the wall quite a few times before we created a design that didn’t keep falling over every time we bumped into it. There are lots of /w/ words on this wall now. Some preps put their initials on the word cards they wrote.

I wonder what words would you add to our /w/ word wall?

IMGP1780 IMGP1781

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