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August 9, 2014
by littleossies

Things that are Red and Black

On Thursday this week the Little Ossies, along with the rest of the school, celebrated the 20 years of service which Mrs Flanagan has given Osborne Primary School.

We had to make a special page for a book for Mrs Flanagan where all the Little Ossies were possums in Mrs Flanagan’s office. We had remembered the funny story which Mrs Flanagan had told us in Term One this year, where we had made a book about it.

You can see the Little Ossies page by clicking on this link. Goodbye Mrs Flanagan
We also wore lots of black and red accessories.  Some people made hats, some people twisted pipe-cleaners to make bracelets and rings, some people had black and red accessories from their home.

A black and red class.

A black and red class.

Mrs Flanagan is a passionate Essendon supporter and the school became special Essendon supporters for her assembly. We hope Mrs Flanagan liked her sea of black and red.  There were some people who found it a bit tricky to wear the black and red colours because they go for other football teams, but we knew this was a special treat for Mrs Flanagan.

We will miss you Mrs Flanagan, enjoy your retirement.

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