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August 15, 2014
by prepheron

The Day The Crayons Quit

What a wonderful concert. Well done to all the preps and the wonderful Mrs JJ who organised it all and a big WELL DONE to the green crayons too. Some of them were keen to share some of their excitement from last night so,


have a peek at some of what they wrote about their wonderful show.

I liked it when I posed and I liked the blue crayons bit too. I liked a little bit of the yellow crayons but I like the green crayons the best. My mummy and dad came to see me. I was nervous but I loved it.


I liked the bit about the blue crayons song and the part about the yellow crayons too. My dad and mummy came. They said I was wonderful and I felt proud. My dinosaur suit was  great  for a green crayon and it was warm.

I liked the part when I did the piano. My mums and dads (that’s because the O’Shaughnesseys were my extra mum and dad this week) came and so did my friends Declan, Chloe and Zoe. I felt nervous for a little bit at the start and then I felt great. I did all the moves for all the other coloured crayons too while we were watching their parts. It was so much fun and I even did bows for them too. I feel very proud of my performance.


I loved the bit when I did the tree dance. My friend and my family came to see me and they really enjoyed it. I loved my costume. The pants were new and my glasses were big and green but you could still see all of my face. The concert was fun and I feel proud and confident.

I liked it best when I did the leaf part. Grandma came and Mum and Dad came too.


I really enjoyed doing the “Everything is Awesome” song and I was very excited when my mum smiled at me. I feel really proud and my mum says that I could grow up and be music teacher like Mrs JJ is.

I really loved the part of our dance for the old piano. My mummy came and she bought me my clothes from an Indian shop. They are really beautiful and I felt really confident. I had lots of fun.


I liked the Lego movie song the best. My mum came to the concert and my dad  and uncle came too. I liked doing the poses and I liked the blue crayon songs. I was a bit nervous but I did it all and it was fun and I feel really good about it.

CIMG6362 IMGP6728

I really liked it when the Lego movie song came on and I liked it when we mooshed in. I also liked it when the blue crayons did their pose and I loved it when the Happy song came on. I was a bit nervous in the concert but I did it. I did everything and it was awesome. I feel really proud today.


I liked it when we were saying “I quit!” and I realled liked it when were dancing. I felt nervous at the start but it was good fun.


I really enjoyed the piano bit and I like the quitting too. My mum,  dad and Charlie were there and my mum’s mum and dad came to see the concert too. I felt really excited. I was a bit nervous at the start and then it went away. I had a great time.


I was very excited. I felt nervous and I had butterflies in my tummy but I kept on going. I was very tired afterwards. I really liked the part in the dance where we did the old piano. I feel very proud of myself.


I liked the red car and I liked the car part of our song too.IMGP6711 IMGP6713  IMGP6715 .


I really enjoyed the trees part of our dance and I loved when we did the moosh and the cool eyes. I felt nervous but I was confident and it was fun. My mum and dad came and they think that I could be a rock star.


My whole family came. I read the letter to Duncan from the green crayons and I made it very interesting because I  did expression with my reading. I loved the poses at the end of our dance. The concert was great. I think we could do another one now. I would like to do Blossom Possum.


I liked when I did the poses and I really liked when I was a tree and when we said “I quit!” My mum and dad and grandma came. I felt a little nervous at the start but I was confident and I had a great time.

IMGP6703   IMGP6724  IMGP6714 CIMG6408IMGP6718  IMGP6723 IMGP6726 IMGP6730IMGP6593IMGP6830CIMG6419IMGP6582 IMGP6869CIMG6332 CIMG6333 CIMG6336 CIMG6374 CIMG6400

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