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August 24, 2014
by prepheron

Harold is here.

Harold the giraffe is at Osborne Primary School. He came in the Life Education Van and we have been lucky enough to visit him there. Ask  your preps all about it!

We had lots of fun and did lots of learning and sharing of knowedge about body parts,  healthy bodies, staying safe and food for every day (and  ‘sometimes food’ too). What’s your favourite ‘everyday food’? Do you have a special ‘sometimes food’ too?

Have a peek at our pictures and see some snippets of our Life Education experience. I think there just might be some interesting and exiciting experiences about to happen back in our classrooms this week too as already, many of the preps are creating great ideas for their up-coming ‘investigations’ sessions.

CIMG6456 CIMG6462 CIMG6463 CIMG6465 CIMG6467 CIMG6469 CIMG6474 CIMG6482 CIMG6484 CIMG6489 CIMG6490 CIMG6495 CIMG6498 CIMG6499 CIMG6500

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