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Fun Measuring


Just before we went to the gym for PMP, the preps and Little Ossies wondered whether our prep passageway was longer or shorter than the length of the gym. So, what did we do? We measured both of them. How did we measure them? We cut 30 one-metre lengths out of our silver bubble wrap (because we had lots of it sitting around waiting to be used) and we laid the strips from one end of the gym to the other. We counted the strips and measured the gym to be  32 and a half  metres long. Next came the passageway. This was much trickier for 2 reasons. Number 1. We didn’t have enough strips of bubble wrap to reach to the end of the passageway. Number 2: Lots of people were using the passageway (especially at the office end) so we couldn’t leave our silver bubble wrap strips lying on the floor while we counted them all. How did we solve these problems? We laid out 5 strips at a time and marked the 5 metre spot with masking tape. We marked out every 5 metres with sign/label to show how many metres it was and then we were able use the same strips again and again. Ask a prep how many metres our passageway is (Here’s a clue…’s longer than the gym) or pop in and read the measurements stuck to the floor.

CIMG6522 IMGP1889 IMGP1890 IMGP1891 IMGP1892 IMGP1893

Did you know that some of the preps are already really quick at counting by fives?


  1. Yes, I will have to pop in and see how long the passage is, Luca can’t remember but said it was longer than the gym 🙂

  2. Great measuring work! And it is great to see everyone working together so well. I did see some numbers stuck to the floor outside your classroom …. now I know what they are for! I will have a look for all the other measurements too! 🙂

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