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Life Education Investigations


Harold the healthy giraffe showed us how to be safe when having funwhile going to and playing in the park. Suzie taught us all about sometimes-foods and everyday-foods and she taught us about some of our body parts too. A group of our preps decided to create our own Life Education Van because Suzie and Harold had to leave us to visit other schools. The van they made for us has all the things that Harold had in his van. We  have the food wall, the video screen and picutres and even the ‘carpet man’ game with his stick-on body parts like lungs, heart, veins, stomach and a brain. Because ours is cardboard it was tricky to stop it from collapsing when we went inside but a few sticks with lots of tape solved the problem. The boys are now creating a schedule for visitors to choose a time-slot for their visit inside the van. You’ll have to put your name on the list in our room if you want to book a time for yourself. Pop in and see when it’s free.IMGP1895 IMGP1896 IMGP1898 IMGP1899  IMGP1902

Always up for a challenge, these preps now have an art gallery planned for part of their investigations. This first piece is ready and waiting for others to follow. IMGP1901 Stay tuned to see more at a later date as we imagine that this may take quite a while to do.


  1. Great work Preps. I can’t wait to see your artistic abilities. Xavier, you have set a very high standard!

  2. Perhaps Mrs Heron you could set up the ‘Art Gallery’ on the shelves in front of the staffroom where 2HW have some art work displayed. The whole school can then enjoy Prep H’s artwork 🙂

  3. Great work as always, Prep H! I love your artwork, Xavier <3 I'm looking forward to seeing some more fantastic artwork! 🙂

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