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AFL Premiership Cup and special medals come to Osborne!


DSC01500 DSC01503

We could feel the footy finals excitement at school today!  Josh’s dad Cam works for the AFL and we were very lucky that he was able to bring in the REAL 2014 AFL Premiership Cup, the Premiership medal, the 2014 Brownlow medal and the 2014 Norm Smith medal to show us.

DSC01499 DSC01494

We wonder which football team will have their name on the big shiny silver cup? Who will be the best player in the Grand Final to win the Norm Smith medal? Who has been the best and fairest player this footy season to win the Brownlow medal? In a few weeks time all this will be decided!

DSC01509 DSC01508DSC01511 DSC01510

DSC01504 Mr Fisher and Mrs Mills wish Melbourne were going to win the Premiership Cup. Maybe next year we will!!

DSC01506 How many times have Mrs Brown’s team Collingwood won the Grand Final?

DSCN5256 (3) Mrs Heron was VERY excited to hold the Premiership Cup because she is sure that her team Hawthorn are going to win the 2014 Grand Final. She even wanted to put yellow and brown ribbons on the Cup ready for the Hawks win!!

Thanks to Cam, it was amazing to be able to see the REAL Premiership Cup and special medals.


  1. What a wonderful thing for the kids to see up close thankyou

  2. Ohhhhh. Ahhhhhh. It’s so exciting!
    Thanks Cam.

  3. Yes, it was very exciting! Thank you Cam 🙂 It was a great thrill for the whole school.

  4. Wow! Awesome! Thanks, Cam! Xavier loved it and we are definitely with Mrs Heron with the brown and gold ribbons on the Premiership Cup! Go Hawks!! 🙂

  5. My pleasure- it was great to see all the excited little faces.
    Although I think the teachers got the biggest kick out of it.
    I was just relieved to take everything back to AFL house in one piece! 🙂

  6. What a fabulous experience! It’s great to have dad’s working in cool places! I’m with Mrs Heron on this year’s winners…!

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