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September 16, 2014
by prepheron

Fun at the Pasar

We have been having quite a bit of fun with our prep ‘pasar’.  We set it up to be our own little market, buying and selling some of the things we are learning to name in Indonesian language.

We bought and sold

apel, pisang, nanas, wortel, arbei, jeruk, topi, buku and even ikan.  (A big THANKS must go to the Little Ossies who gave us their shopping baskets to use and their specially made apples, carrots and strawberries too.)

We made shop signs and prices and practised saying –

“Selamat siang.

Apa kabar? (Baik-baik saja)

Siapa namamu? (Nama saya Brody).

Terima kasih.

Sampai jumpa”

and of course we asked for our items using thier Indonesian names as well as “satu, dua, tiga” to say how many we wanted.IMGP1907 IMGP1908 IMGP1909 IMGP1910 IMGP1911 IMGP1912 IMGP1914 IMGP1915 IMGP1916 IMGP1917 IMGP1918 IMGP1919 IMGP1920 IMGP1921 IMGP1922

We even made ‘buka’ and ‘tutup signs to show if the toko was open or shut. Next time the shop keepers will be able to be the shoppers and vice versa.

Brody has brought in some Rupiah for us to play with this week. We’ve been learning to say seratus for 100, dua ratus for 200 , tiga ratus for 300, empat ratus for 400 and lima ratus for 500.   He has lots of seratus Rupiah coins and lima ratus Rupiah coins too.

It’s been lots and lots of fun.

“Saya suka Pasar Prep”

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