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Fun learning with investigations again.


With eight days back at school for term 4, lots of learning and learning fun is being had by all. Following our focus on /qu/ words some of the team have been investigating queens and their costumes. Queen Elizabeth has been of particular interest to some and the interactive whiteboard has given a big clear look on the internet as part of our research. Crowns and gowns have featured highly on the interest scale too. Team work has been a big factor and planning for our activities has been the current centre of attention.

CIMG6578 CIMG6579 CIMG6580

Quizzes have featured highly on the interest list this week and you will be totally amazed with the complex, challenging and interesting questions complied by the students on their areas of expertise, including world soccer, footy, maths and even Scoobie-Doo. As well as composing and  writing out their question cards, competitor lists and setting up their quiz corners,  they have also been involved in creating quiz and joke books to be enjoyed by all. Look at these young lads hitting the bell to answer first in their sport quiz questions.


When I learn how to easily upload a video to our blog you’ll be able to see AND hear this amazing Batman story written by this enthusiastic author but until then this photo will have to suffice. It is a very entertaining story indeed.


Knock-knock jokes have featured highly too and in keeping  with the theme of our upcoming ‘cartoon character walk-a-thon’ we even have some Ninja Turtle joke books and stories being created.


Stay tuned for further updates.


  1. Great work, Prep H! Looks like you have been very busy already! 🙂

  2. Awesome work everyone. We have enjoyed hearing some funny jokes at home too.

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