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It was a beautiful, warm sunny morning for our Osborne Walkathon. We all dressed up as a cartoon character. DSC01637

First we assembled on the basketball court with our buddies. DSC01608

When we got to the Dunns Road park, the Walkathon began and we walked and walked and did LOTS of laps around the park. DSC01610 DSC01611 Can you guess who the cartoon characters are? DSC01624

DSC01613 DSC01614 DSC01616 DSC01617 DSC01618 DSC01619

Even some of our families joined in the Walkathon. DSC01620

When we got tired, we stopped and had a rest and a drink of water. DSC01622 DSC01625 It was great to see Bananas in Pyjamas at the Walkathon!!DSC01627 DSC01628

After an hour of walking laps, it was the end of the Walkathon and time to walk back to school. We felt very proud of ourselves. Everyone had put in a fantastic effort! We all agreed it had been a great fun experience!DSC01635 DSC01634

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