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December 1, 2014
by prepwoods

ch ch ch ch …

The last week of November the Preps looked at the sound ‘ch’.

We had some grade six girls bring in 4 ‘chicks’ to show us –

This is Bob and Fred


This is Stevie and Mildred.



In Prep W we were also looking at how food ‘changes’ when cooking. We looked at Popcorn and what happens when you add heat to the popcorn seeds.

First we put one cup of uncooked popcorn into the Crazy Popper.


Then we watched it spin around inside very fast and it was getting hotter and hotter — can you see what is happening?

IMG_4149          IMG_4152


Then this started happening and it really was a crazy popper …

IMG_4154          IMG_4155

The best part of making our pop corn was eating it at the end!!




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